Meet Kristen

   Hi there, I am Kristen Edgar and I am the proud owner of Tint.  I don't have a funny backstory about always wanting to be a hairdresser since I was a little girl.  Instead, I fell into being a stylist.  The quick decision to go to cosmetology school was one that changed my life forever. Hair is such a powerful thing.  One of things that I love about it is that I have the ability to make someone smile and change how they feel.

   When I am not in the salon I usually can be found at home with my family.  I go to pretty much every kid movie that comes out and I am still trying to prevent my daughter from adding more steps to our secret handshake.  but it keeps getting longer.

   Not all of my time spent as a stylist is within the walls of Tint.  I think it is important to continue my education.  There is so much out there and I am always trying to stay in the now and current on products and techniques.  I LOVE going to hair shows to keep my excitement alive and feed my craft.  Its a shame that I hear a lot of people say that they said one thing and the stylist did something else.  I want you to feel like you are apart of the experience not just looking in from the outside.  I encourage questions and try to explain the process so you feel apart of the experience. So click on Book Now.  Come in, see the salon and get a fresh new feel!