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It's Me, Kristen

   Hi there, I am Kristen Edgar and the proud owner of Tint.  I don't have a funny backstory about always wanting to be a hairdresser since I was a little girl.  Instead, I fell into being a stylist.  The quick decision to go to cosmetology school was one that changed my life forever. Hair is such a powerful thing.  One of things that I love about it is that I have the ability to make someone smile and change how they feel.


    It is a sad story told far too often of how guests aren't listened to by their stylist.  My number one goal to make you feel HEARD!.  I want you to be comfortable and a part of the process, just stop me if I get too in depth!  I know I am the type of person that likes to know what to expect and what is happening, so I always try to create that experience for you.


    When I am not in the salon I usually can be found at home with my family.  Whether we are on the softball field or going to random fun activity that my crazy husband finds on the internet we are enjoying ourselves together.


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